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  • CARTE GRISE Collection
    FFVE members and specialists in registering classic cars in France. More
    Experts in sourcing, importing and registering British classics into France. More
    We can help take the stress out of the french immatriculation process. More
  • Navigating BREXIT
    How to navigate Brexit when importing your classic car to France. More
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  • FRENCH immatriculation service for classic cars
  • Advice on how to navigate the Brexit bureaucracy
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Specialists in classic car sales and registration in France...

Cross Channel Sports Cars have over 10 years experience in selling and registering classic cars in France. Now based in the UK, we are continuing to offer a bespoke service to help clients navigate the immatriculation process.

As members of the F.F.V.E. (Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque) we have successfully helped hundreds of clients to register their classic cars in France and saved them a great deal of time and money in obtaining their french immatriculation.

We guide you through the 4 stage process (all via email). We advise on the initial tax declaration requirements, based on when the car arrived in France (either ‘pre’ or ‘post’ Brexit). We explain what information is required and complete all the various forms for your dossier, detailing what photographic evidence is required to obtain the approval certification and give you instructions for the final 'Carte Grise Collection’ online application process.

Due to Brexit, the process for importing from the UK is now more complex, however we have the experience to help you to navigate the added Brexit bureaucracy, based on your own personal tax and residency scenarios.

We can also advise on importing classic cars from within the EU and ‘non-EU’ countries worldwide.

So if you think we can help click here to send an email.

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Bespoke Classic Car Searches

If you have a specific classic car you are searching for and need help to find the best matches for your criteria, we can help to locate the most suitable vehicles. More

How to navigate the Brexit bureaucracy

Importing a classic after Brexit

We can help you register your classic car in France after Brexit, with advice on how to navigate the Brexit bureaucracy, based on your personal situation. More

FFVE French Immatriculation Service

French Immatriculation

Do you need help with registering your classic car in France. As members of the F.F.V.E. we can help take the stress out of the immatriculation process. More