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Invest in a Classic Car? - Read why the leading experts 'Hagerty's' say it's a great time to invest in classic cars…

Classic cars are currently proving a very popular investment, with a big increase in values across all types of classic cars. This trend applies to all marques from modest mass-produced classics, right through to the ultimate sports cars like rare Ferraris, that are commanding meteoric prices.

‘HAGERTY’ the classic car specialists produce a Blue Chip index and report that the prices for the 25 most sought-after post-war cars have at least doubled since the start of 2010 and classic car investment is now attracting many investors with many varying budgets.

For example if you had purchased an MGB for approx €12,000 about 5 years ago, the same MGB could now be worth over €20,000, proving that this is a great time to invest in classic cars as part of your investment portfolio.

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Bespoke Classic Car Searches

Invest in a Classic Car ?

Read why the leading experts 'HAGERTY’S’ say it's a great time to invest in classic cars, with the values of many marques having doubled in the last 5 years. More

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